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Francesca and Polly

Meet Fran and Polly – her beautiful mare whom she shares. Fran saw my advert on Facebook and thought: “why not!” With their yard just a short drive from me, I knew Francesca couldn’t live too far away. It was such a small world though when we realised we lived on the same road and she’d seen us out with our dogs!

The shoot began, as planned as a black background mini session. Fran had a lovely tweed jacket on and Polly was keen to find out what we had rustling in our pockets. She put her ears forward once she knew there was food involved!

You may notice that Polly has two very different eyes: one blue and one brown! Fran and Polly have done a little bit of everything together, although most of all they love hacking and fun rides!

After we’d spent a while taking photographs on the black background, the small door way did slightly limit the shots we were able to take and to make the most of the lovely, peaceful surroundings we did venture out down the lane.

The shoot concluded with some bareback images which are some of my favourites from the shoot, Polly was a really sweet heart and it was obvious Fran adored her.

It was so lovely to meet you both, especially after having to postpone the first time due to the horrible weather. I hope you love your photographs and no doubt see you around soon, I still can’t believe how close we live and must have passed each other so many times without realising!

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