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Amy and Magic

Meet Amy and her young gelding, Magic! Amy was lucky enough to receive a gift voucher for Christmas for a 2 hour equine shoot. Amy particularly wanted me to capture the natural connection between herself and Magic, with natural rather than posed shots.

We began our shoot with some black background photographs both with and without Amy in shot. Magic was happy to do anything for some treats!

Next we moved to the small paddock where I’d been earlier on in the day with Holly and Dylan. By now the frost had completely gone and it turned in to a beautiful sunny day! (Although by the end, there were several black clouds lingering above us!)

Dylan joined us as we explored various locations during the shoot. At one point I ended up having hold of Dylan and photographing Magic as he tended to look wherever Dylan was – that made for some interesting juggling of reins and camera buttons!

Amy was a little worried about Magic playing up but he did a brilliant job, as did Amy, keeping everything together. We decided not to push out luck in the grass for too long so we headed to the drive way for some more shots. Once we had Magic’s attention he was a pro at keeping those ears forward! However, we found that Magic was getting a little agitated at the treats being shaken at him, so we tried some other ideas. Vicki waved lead ropes, my cleaning cloth and various other bits and bobs we found on the yard. Amy suggested we tried Magic in the school as he should be more settled there.

I love the natural connection between these too, even though the shots are a little more posed than first requested, I hope it captures their relationship! Amy then felt brave to climb on board bareback! Magic was an absolute star and didn’t put a foot wrong!

The shoot even concluded with Dylan escorting Magic along the drive with the girls on board, bareback! I think the ponies were on their best behaviour for us all, I love how these shots turned out!

Thank you so much Amy and Magic, you were both wonderful. I really hope you enjoyed yourselves and love the final images! And of course to Vicki for gifting Amy the voucher for Christmas!

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