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Natalie, Will, Pippa and Harley

Meet Natalie, Will, Pippa and their 5 year old Jack Russell, Harley. I recently photographed Sophie, Natalie’s sister and her two ponies Bentley and Dime. Natalie contacted me a few weeks later to see if I would photograph Harley and Pippa as well as a few family shots of them all together.

During Sophie’s shoot she asked me if I knew her sister Natalie and at the time I hadn’t put two and two together and didn’t realize that I did! Natalie’s daughter, Pippa, is my friend’s niece who I’ve helped babysit on a few occasions.

We began the shoot with some shots of Harley running up and down the track. Pippa looked adorable running after Harley throwing his ball. They both get on so well!

Natalie had a few shots in mind for the family photographs. They wanted photographs of them all walking together up and down the track which was just starting to show it’s autumn colors. Autumn is one of my favorite times of year; I love the berries and apples on the trees and the transforming amber landscape.

The location was round the back of the house that I’ve visited on many occasions, I had only briefly explored this area on my bike with my friend when we were younger. I didn’t know what a beautiful lake was around the corner …! The water was so clear you could see the fish along the edges. Pippa regularly goes down to feed the fish and I’ve been told Harley likes jumping in too!

The lake made a lovely back drop for the photographs. I’ll definitely be back to the lake, perhaps on a misty morning when the ducks and geese are out in the early morning light.

We then continued our walk back along the track towards the house.

Natalie asked me if I’d be able to get some shots of Pippa with her chicken! It’s not something I’ve been asked to do before but I’m always up for something new. The shoot concluded with a few photographs of Natalie in the grass with Harley before we went to meet Dougie, the hen!

The chicken was so relaxed. Dougie, an ex-battery hen, Will said was named after Pippa’s favorite TV character. Pippa looked so sweet sat on her chair with the chicken that she hugged tightly. I think this has to be one of my favorite photographs; Pippa looks so adorable!

It was a pleasure to photograph you all, I can’t wait to see what you think of the photographs!

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