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Sarah and Tiny

Meet Sarah and her beautiful gelding, Tiny. Ironically, Tiny is a whopping 18.2hh! Sarah also has two other geldings, this is where it gets confusing: Rocky and Rocko!

We began the shoot in the jumping field where we found a log for Sarah to sit on. It was a beautiful warm sunny day - almost a little too warm if we were honest! Tiny was dozing off in the sunshine but however did put his ears forward when he realised there were treats involved!

Next we headed across the field to use the field shelter for some black background shots. I love the light golden colour of Tiny's coat. He was a real gentle giant! Sarah said she does a bit of everything with him - he's done some dressage and some unafiliated eventing.

After we spent some time in the field working through various poses, we headed up the road a little way. Between various cars passing us we managed to get some shots along the winding lane. Tiny was a star and didn't put a foot wrong the whole time!

Sarah's other two horses joined us, a bay and a chestnut. We mangaged to persuade all 3 of them to stand nicely with Sarah with ears forward - not something we always manage! They were three of the most well behaved horses I've had in quite a while which made my job very easy.

Sarah then took it in turn with Rocky and Rocko whilst Tiny enjoyed some grass - both horses loved the camera and were real posers.

Rocky is an ex-race horse. Although we were told he's now the most laid back horse, especially in an open field! He's much rather go for a gentle stroll than tear through the countryside! Sarah planned to event him but sadly he doesn't have the same love for jumping that Sarah does.

Rocko was a rescue horse, from what it sounds like he arrived in a very sorry state. In the year or so Sarah has owned him, I'm sure you'll agree he looks amazing!

The shoot finished up with some black background shots in the stables. I had a very enjoyable couple of hours with you Sarah and your ponies are all so well behaved!

Thank you for having me!

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