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Mel, Daisy and Thomas

Meet Mel and her two beautiful ponies: Daisy and Tom. I was lucky enough to draw these two ponies at the beginning of the year for Mel so it was nice to get to meet them!

We headed over to Mel's yard, despite a few showers on the way the weather remained dry for the rest of the shoot. After a quick tour of the yard and surrounding areas, we took the ponies up to a stubble field to begin with.

The corn has just been cut, I really love the golden colours, especially against Daisy's chestnut coat.

Daisy is an Arab x Thoroughbred, in Mel's own words she said anything with that breeding was bred for looks and definately not for their calmness or to be sensible! However Daisy, previously Mel's mum's mare, was wonderful for the whole shoot and barely put a foot wrong!

Next up was Thomas, a typical native pony who loved the treat bucket! He was a sweetie and loved posing for me! The wind up on the hill where the stubble field was, began to get quite strong. So, after some bare back shots, we headed back towards the yard. A quick outfit change for Mel and we headed over towards the fields.

We finished up the shoot with Tom showing us his trick - giving kisses! It was so adorable to watch and the photos have come out really nicely!

It was so lovely to meet you all! I hope you love your images and it was great to put a name to a face after all these months of messaging. Thank you for your continued support, Mel!

Mel left me a little message too: Thank you Rose for such a lovely morning. I was so nervous ( not sure why) and you made me feel at ease. I can't wait to see the photographs. I will be recommending you to all my horsey friends. Great to finally meet you. Xx

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