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Carol and Sally

Meet Carol and her sweet mare, Sally!

We quickly established from the start of Carol's shoot that she loved purple! I was keen to photograph Sally in the purple thistle patch that I'd found earlier on in the day.

We began the shoot with some ridden photos. The field was full of little flowers and the sky was just beginning to darken so the backdrop was almost perfect!

Sally had wonderful manners and was very interested in our goody bucket, don't you just love her kind expression!

Carol wanted the emphasis of her shoot to be on how sweet natured Sally was. I hope this comes across in the photographs, you can certinally see how much Carol adores her lovely mare.

We spent the majority of Carol's shoot in the fields. I asked her to pretend I wasn't there, instead just have a sweet conversation with Sally.

I want my images to always portray admiration, commitment and absolute love that horse and owner have for eachother, this is a perfect example of an owner who dotes on her horse! Sally is a very affectionate horse and was more than willing to spend a sunny afternoon in a field full of yummy grass, treats, kisses and cuddles!

Thank you so much Carol for having me photograph your beautifu girl. I hope you love them!

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