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Sharon and Merlin

Meet Sharon and Merlin. We began their shoot in front of the castle, they both looked great!

Now this is where this became one of the more challenging shoots I've done, Sharon asked if her three dogs could be in the photos!

All three dogs were beautiful working spaniels! No sooner were the dogs positioned, one would then around or hide behind another, it was definitely a challenge to get them all looking *cue Phoebe jumping around, throwing sticks and making funny noises!* We then headed up to the fields for some photos under the huge oak tree. Doesn't Merlin look incredible and that low spring sun?

Next, Sharon's partner joined in with the dogs to create a slightly unusual family photo, framed by the oak tree! The fallen tree made for a great bench for Sharon to sit on with the dogs, Merlin wasn't sure initially but he soon accepted it and the results were great!

Thank you for having us, Sharon and I'm so glad we managed to get the dogs all looking the same way as I absolutely love the results!

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