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Rachel and Lexi

Today I met Rachel and her lovely boxer called Lexi! Rachel got Lexi for her Birthday a few months ago, Lexi is now 6 months old. We met at my local woods for the photographs. Lexi was a sweetie but she was adamant that playing with her lead was far more interesting than listening to us! (Those sweet puppy dog eyes though, she does look very angelic!)


I love this little part of the woods. When people ask me for suggestions on where to photograph their dog, this is my first choice! There are lovely open footpaths as well as grassy fields and plenty of logs and mounts to get the dogs and owners to sit on. I love these photographs of Rachel and Lexi, the red of Rachel’s coat is beautiful against the fading Autumn leaves as well as giving some contrast against Lexi who is quite dark.


We were so lucky with the weather, despite the forecast, as we were finishing up and walking back up to the car park the heavens opened! (Talk about unlucky though – I got drenched walking home and there were a few rumbles of thunder. Typically, as I was about 2 minutes from home, the sun came out!)


I think this proves that I am happy to take on a “challenge” shall we say! A lot of patience went in to this as Lexi wasn’t interested in us, until the squeaky duck came out. Some people often put having photographs of their pets put off. I am more than happy to work with you and your pets to capture the photographs you want. I’m not bothered if it takes me two minutes or twenty minutes to get the shot I’m after, so long as you are thrilled to pieces with your photos! I won’t pressure or rush the dog to do anything they don’t want to do – I’m very patient. So, if you’re dog doesn’t have the longest stay and might not sit first time, that doesn’t mean you won’t get beautiful photographs!


Thank you Rachel for asking me to photograph your lovely girl; I hope you are delighted with your photographs!


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