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Visiting Becka

Visiting Bex and Becka

On Friday, Bex and I drove over to visit Becka James and her beautiful mare, Caprice. Becka is my newest sponsored rider - I was excited to meet both her and Caps as well as catch up with Bex!


Caprice is Becka's BSJA pony who she also competes in dressage. I was looking for someone to wear a beautiful dress for a photo shoot - Becka came forward and offered to wear her prom dress. Bex has sponsored Becka for a while now, with her beautiful browbands. Caprice was so shiny - even more so wearing her new "ultimate bling" browband that Bex has brought along!

We began with some full length photographs in the lovely open fields at Becka's yard. Bex was on "bucket shaking" duty as well as squeaking the rubber ducks I use to get the horses ears forwards. After a while taking photographs, both ridden and portrait, we moved in to the cross country field.

There were some large trees in the field and I wanted to play around with capturing the light and colours made through the leaves. The sun was quite low even at 11am, meaning I was able to capture the dappling leaves across Cap's body. The funniest part of all of this was: we were joined by sheep! The sheep were grazing in the field and were very nosey. They came over and stood around us watching. Caprice was a star and wasn't phased by this at all. Bex was brilliant at keeping the sheep out of the pictures for me.

We then headed back to the stables so that I could do my *favourite* pictures.. black background pictures! The sun was almost perfect (even if a little too bright!) for these images. Cap's was wearing her UB browband and it shone so much. Really pleased with the outcome of these images. Caprice was so shiny (all credit to Becka!) the light highlighted her coat making some of the best black background images I've done! I regret not doing more of these images.


Next Becka tacked up and we headed to the school for me to photograph her schooling and jumping Caprice.

Thank you Bex for coming down to assist with the photographs and it was lovely to meet you Becka and Caps! We're already discussing the next photo shoot!


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