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It's all well and good me telling you what's involved in an equine shoot with myself, but I'm sure you'd much rather hear it from someone who has experienced being in front of my camera:

"So if you are like me you probably already have dozens of photos of your horse but...

When I ask people if they have a preference on whether their shoot is on a weekday or a weekend when trying to find a date to book their shoot in, most of them come back with: could you book me in for a sunny day?

Well, I reckon I would be very rich if I could predict t...

I have seen this topic pop up several times - mostly in wedding groups. I think people think that they're doing you a favour by saving you a job - editing. But, as lovely as the thought is - I just don't think you should give up your RAW images. 

Some people will see it...

The day I had been planning and prepping for is finally here. I'm nervous because my expectations and hopes for the day are very high but I also feel nervous because it is something I've never experienced before. Today we are expecting a visit from Rose to take some pi...

February was a relatively quiet month for me shoot wise - but it left me lots of time to work on logos, kick-start an action plan for the year, plan the show season for 2017 and give my website a quick update. It was also the start of the Six Nations which filled up my...

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Who, What, Where, When, Why...?

February 21, 2018

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