Q&A Time!

I popped a quick post up on Facebook and answered a few quickfire questions, here they are: If you could pick any scenery in the world for a photo shoot where would it be? I'd love to photograph in front of a massive stately home, like Badminton or Highclere. Or somewhere really iconic in a Big Ben just to be completely different.. Or Giants Causeway What is the most helpful thing a person can do for you on a shoot and why? Bring cake!? Haha in all seriousness, bringing someone on the ground to help shake buckets and lend a hand makes the shoot run so much smoother, and we can take a much bigger variety of photos If you could go behind the scenes in any movie (current or old) that

Daydream Equine Art and Photography - 2020                                     Berkshire Equine Photographer and Artist

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