Gini, Johnnie and Prince

Meet Gini and her two grey ponies - Johnnie and Prince! These two super stars are Gini's eventing ponies. Johnnie joined the team last year, and Prince has been in the family for several years and Gini and all her siblings have evented him over the years. I know Gini has been after a shoot for a very long time, ever since I first came and photographed her sisters horses last year! Millie was on hand to help get the ponies ears forward - she was just giving them a final flick over with a brush when I arrived, whilst Gini was getting changed. The weather was less than perfect, despite the pretty reasonable forecast showing up on all of our phones - but we decided to go ahead anyway! The family

Daydream Equine Art and Photography - 2020                                     Berkshire Equine Photographer and Artist

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