Lauren and Livvy

Meet Lauren and her coloured cob mare, Livvy. They're located at a livery yard, with the most amazing name: Cow City! I'd heard alot of people mention the yard, locally, however I hadn't ever had a shoot there! Claire had recently moved their with her handsome boy, Jamie, and being use usual amazing self, it wasn't long before she'd sent lots of people over to my website and Facebook page! Thank you Claire - it was a lovely surprise to see you there too, and see Jamie! When I arrived, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful late Autumn morning. Lauren was just finishing getting Livvy ready. She'd been bathed the night before and had managed to borrow a hood and wraps to keep that gorgeous

Laura - Lego & Bobby

Meet Laura and her two gorgeous geldings - Bobby and Lego. Laura was kindly given a voucher by Fran last Christmas. She had waited until now to use the voucher as she loves the Autumn colours. I first met Laura through working with Haygain, so I jumped in my car on a very dark, dreary Saturday morning and headed over to Gloucester, near Stow-On-The-Wold to be precise. I love this part of the world, it's to me, "proper" English countryside, with the open space, rolling patchwork fields as far as the eye can see and the beautiful Cotswold stone that makes up walls and houses. It was a horrible fine drizzly mist when I arrived, but my various weather apps assured me that the sun would start to

Georgia and Herbie

Meet Georgia and her very very handsome Welsh Section D, Herbie! So, the day of the shoot is Georgia's 15th birthday! As one of her birthday treats, her parents organised a photoshoot with her pony, who she's owned for just over a year. After zig-zagging across Wokingham trying to avoid all the traffic, I eventually arrived. My sat-nav was screaming at me that I was going the wrong way as I followed all of the diversions. I had great fun sitting in traffic near the one way system as one of the temporary traffic lights got stuck on red and no one was quite sure what to do! With that fiasco over, I arrived at the yard, where Georgia and her mum Yvonne were inside the barn with Herbie. He has t

Lottie and Danny

Meet Lottie and her 10 year old gelding, Danny. I met Lottie, her mum Kate and sister Lucy over at their beautiful yard just outside of Nettlebed. The shoot was for Lottie's 16th birthday next week, but it was bought forward to coincide with half term. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. The previous few days had been very grey and dull, but the sun made an appearance and was very much welcomed. Lucy had a lesson on Danny in the morning, followed by everyone getting involved to give him a good bath and groom. The girls then headed home to pick out their clothes for the shoot whilst Danny dried off and enjoyed a haynet in his stable. It was perfect timing as Kate drove in to the

Nicola, Fashion and Hattie

Meet Nicola and her two mare: Fashion and Hattie! I met them on their very pretty little yard, just up the road in Goring. The ponies were sparkling clean and stood waiting in the sun, early one Saturday morning. Nicola was ready and waiting and took me on a little walk around their fields to show me what we had to work with. The horses were both Welsh Section D's, one of my favourite breeds. Nicola's mum, Juli has followed me on Facebook for quite a while, this summer she very kindly organised a shoot for Nicola's birthday! Our first challenge was to try and get some photographs of both the girls! We were provided with plenty of cheeky behaviour from the ponies - Fashion went on strike refu

Kim and Lucas

Meet Kim and her handsome fleabitten grey Arab - Lucas, along with her coloured gelding, Sarri. However, 20 year old Lucas was to be the star of the show. Kim had owned Lucas since he was 4 months old, at 5 months he came home to live with Kim and they've been partners ever since. Emily, who shares the boys organised the shoot as a gift to Kim after they found out some terrible news. Sadly, Lucas has been diagnosed with terminal cancer after a scare, they found him with colic like symptoms, but after some investigation they found some tumours and predicted her only had three months to live. But, amazingly, over a year later, Lucas looks incredible! Kim knew how much she wanted these photogra


I've been a little bit slow at getting these monthly round ups together; most of the summer I have compiled a selection of my favourite monthly shots and uploaded the to Facebook with a short caption to summarise each month. Whilst I've got my feet up, enjoying some Jaffa Cakes, warming up from a very cold shoot this morning, I made an extra effort for October, to round up the highlights! My first shoot of the month, was over in Marlborough with three lovely ladies: Penny, Emma and Ruth. The morning was filled with much laughter as the ponies were all very cheeky. First up was the very sweet Oscar, who, despite being the youngest, was the best behaved of the day! Penny, who had organised the

Black Background Mini Shoots

This month, due to their popularity, I decided to open up some sessions for black background mini sessions! The thirty minute sessions are the perfect way to get some beautiful, striking shots of your horse, with the ever-popular black background. The studio like set up however requires no artificial lighting, just the correct camera settings, a barn or stable and some careful angling of the horse. Take a look at some of my favourites from this month here:

A Yard day in Marlborough!

I was first contacted by Wendy a few weeks ago to organise a yard day for herself and a few other friends at the same livery yard. Sadly, we had to postpone the original shoot due to the poor weather and she couldn't make the next date. She decided to sit this one out and hopefully wait again until the spring when the weather is better! So, Penny was on hand to organise the shoot for herself, Emma and Ruth! When I arrived at the yard, I got out the car and put my coat on, just as Penny pulled up in to the car park. She took me over to meet Emma and her two year old gelding, Oscar. Emma was so pleased with how he'd coped with the morning, being just a youngster, he wasn't quite yet used to al

Ruby and Rex

Meet Ruby and her beautiful bay ex-racer, Rex. When I arrived, Rex was stood waiting after he'd been hot-clothed. Ruby was just applying a coat of hoof oil as I walked around the corner. I'd already passed her partner, Ben on my way in with their very adorable little dog! Ruby popped on her first outfit whilst we chatted about Rex - he is her 13th ex-racer, he was both a hurdler and raced on the flat. He had numerous placings, but he was a bit inconsistent. Together they've enjoyed a bit of everything, from a spot of dressage, to flying up the gallops. Sadly, he's had a bit of a tough year with colic at the start and some soundness issues. Ruby wanted some lovely shots, to capture the bond b

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