Behind the scenes - Part 3

What's in my bag? I'm sure most of you are curious, both from a photographer and a cilents perspective. I hope you are finding these behind the scenes posts interesting, feel free to suggest any topics you'd like me to cover in the future. First of all, I carry all of my equiptment around in a padded backpack to protect all of my equiptment. Secondly, there are loads of pockets and compartments which means I can fit alot in there! I expect the first thing you'd all like to know about is, what I shoot with! My main body is a Canon 70d. I have a personal preference to Canon's, I just prefer the feel of Canon's and I like the way in which you can use them. I don't think there's much difference

Behind The Scenes - Part 2

Well, the first post seem to go down very well, it's bought you some questions that I was happy to answer as well as hopefully educating both other photographers and clients alike. So, here is the second installment! The most daunting thing for me when I first started out, was having the confidence to direct people on how to pose. It might sound like something so small - surely I don't need to tell people how to stand? Also, having the ability to adapt to each situation was a learning curve - making sure both horse and owner are kept as safe as possible. Perhaps one of the horses was very figety or didn't like having his face touched; these problems aren't uncommon when I photograph so I nee

Riley, Tom, Sam and Millie's Shoot

Meet Tom, Sam, Riley, Sabrina, Millie and Paul! Sabrina keeps her two horses on livery where I keep Dolly. She owns two horses: Tom who she has owned for a number of years, who now enjoys a much quieter life. Secondly, she recently bought Riley – often known as Tom II as they look and act very similairly. We often joke about how she couldn’t find a horse more like Tom if she tried! Sabrina asked me to take black background photograph of her two horses along with her mum’s coloured Cob – Sam. We began with Riley who at first was a little unsure about what we wanted, but in the end, with the help of Millie rattling some treats in a bucket, he had his ears forward looking around. I was just abl

Jacintha and Blacky

Meet Jacintha and her 9 year old gelding, Blacky. Jacintha saw some photographs I’d taken recently at her yard for Chloe, as well as Angie who belongs to the same riding club. We already had a few ideas as to where we’d head first for the photographs – a beautiful avenue of trees that I’d photographed at a few weeks before with Chloe. Before we left the yard we headed up to the indoor school to take photographs with the black background effect. Many people often say their horse is too dark for the effect to work – I promise you this isn’t the case! I adjust my camera settings accordingly to each horse and the light conditions. In fact, some of my favourite black background images have been o

Chloe and Lucie

Meet Chloe and her homebred mare, Lucie. Chloe was lucky enough to be given a two hour shoot voucher for Christmas – now that Spring is here, I headed over to Oxfordshire to meet them both. Stacey, my instructor at a local riding school when I was much younger bought Chloe a photoshoot voucher for Christmas this year. Without even realising, I’d photographed Chloe and Lucie the weekend prior to their shoot at the combined training at Rosehill, organised by Chiltern Riding Club! I always love driving from Pangbourne, past Blewbury and in to Oxfordshire. The rolling hills dotted with crop fields and at this time of year the vibrant yellow from the rapeseed crop. On the morning of the shoot it

Behind The Scenes...Part 1

I'm sure alot of you are curious about what goes on behind the scenes - other than the boring, but essential promotional stuff as well as admin! I won't go in to the whole process about how I market my business as I don't think this is the place for it, althouth in the past I've helped several people, giving them some ideas about how they can market their business. Although I can't claim to be an expert here, I'm only passing on what I have learnt. You can find some great examples online which are written way better than I could ever do. Or you could join this great group, if you are an equestrian business owner: Here is Phoebe - I thought it

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